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Decorating for the Holidays in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

It was not even December yet when I got bamboozled into buying a Christmas Tree (Arbol de Navidad).  We usually would get our tree before December 16th when our son would come home for his birthday.  Now we are buying it November due to the pressure of our daughters.

On my way to see friends on Friday night I stopped at Superlake and saw the most beautiful tree I had ever seen.  It was not all tied up in string but was standing there all free and I bought it on the spot without even asking the price.

It was delivered the next day and I set about getting the decorations unpacked from their boxes ready for trimming the next day when the family came on Sunday.  My darling husband came home and even commented on what a great tree it was and the next morning he put on all the lights deemed we did not have enough and went directly to Walmart to get more.  He also got enough new lights to redo parts of the terraza that were no longer working.

The tree lights and the terraza lights look fantastic.  We had a wonderful time deocrating the tree after dinner with our 4 year old grandson who played with each and every decoration in the house.

We had been away last Christmas with relatives at a wonderful cabin (and I use that word loosely as “the cabin” comfortably sleeps 18) in Virginia so every box I unpacked was a wonderful surprise.  I put things in their usual places in the house but when one of our daughters arrived, after the tree was up on Saturday, she went from room to room moving everything about and adding her own special touches.  I call her my Christmas Angel.

December is tomorrow but we are decorated to the teeth and ready for the arrival of family from the frozen north to join us for Christmas.

I am hoping the the needles will stay on the tree until they arrive.

Feliz Navidad a todos.

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