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Del Carmen Hospital in Guadalajara

I have not been to Del Carman Hospital in decades.

Today I had reason to go there for a minor procedure and was very impressed with all of the changes.  It is now called Hospital Angeles Del Carmen and it has has a wonderful face lift.

There is a very welcoming front entrance with lovely sitting areas and and full snack bar with magazines.  It is very bright and beautiful.

The Information kiosk is very welcoming and the staff were very polite and wanted only to help you find what you were looking for.

The staff was kind and efficient and my procedure went off without a hitch and my doctor told me everything he was doing so there were no surprises.

My doctor was on time the procedure was exactly how long he said it would be.

Going to a hospital is never a cheerful experience (unless someone has had a baby) but the staff at Hospital Angeles Del Carmen made it a very pleasant experience.

They are still located in the same place in Guadalajara.  Calle Tarascos 3435 Fracc. Monraz 44670  Telephone: 01 33 3813 0042.  This is located just behind Plaza Mexico.

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