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Dentistry in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about a friend of mine having massive dental surgery to give her a beautiful new smile which would have prohibitive up north. She decided to have the work done here for a fraction of the cost and looked to me to recommend a dentist to her.

As I had been going to the same dentist, Dr. Don Olivera, since I moved here in 1994 I readily recommended him. I had broken my jaw on arrival (no, not trauma but a frozen snack bar) and I found Dr. Don to be very gentle and very good and, of course, he speaks English.

Although I was a little nervous about the recommendation for such major work the results were spectacular and my friend was thrilled. A year later her new teeth are still in her head which is a very good sign.

Yesterday I went for what I thought was going to be a routine cleaning (which I am diligent about along with regular checkups) and just when I thought the cleaning was over and I was about to get out of the chair the technician said she wanted to call in Dr. Don. Although Dr. Don is a swell fellow and a friend this was not what I wanted to hear.

As it turns out I need 6 new porcelain caps in the front on my mouth (uppers) and next year I will need the same number on the lower teeth. This, evidently, is because the enamel is starting to crack and if not attended to the enamel will break causing chipped teeth and the need for extraction and a much more expensive and painful process to correct the situation.

Dr. Don showed me the cracks he was seeing and the chipping at the bottom of my teeth and I, unfortunately, could clearly see exactly what he was talking about.

On the plus side I will have a lovely new smile with whiter teeth. As you can imagine the cost of 6 shiny new porcelain caps is not cheap. However, Dr. Don is a most reasonable man and offers pagados fecilidades (easy payments) if needed. He usually asks for a 50% anticipo (down payment) before he starts work to purchase the materials necessary.

I am going to wait until my friend leaves at the end of this month before I commence the four appointment treatment.

Although I am not thrilled about all this I am happy I have a dentist who I trust to do a great job and take care of me. Dr. Don also promises “pain free dentistry” and for me has always lived up to this promise. I, naturally, will chose to be heavily sedated for the duration.

Dr. Don Olivera is located in the Maskaras Clinic Hidalgo 70-G, Riberas del Pilar. His phone # is 765-4838 or 765-4805 and his cell phone # is 331 172 2493. His email address is:

One of the many things I like about my dentist is that the entire excellent medical staff of Maskaras Clinic is available to you, God forbid, you should need them. Peace of mind and relaxation is vital when undergoing any dental procedure.

Keep smiling and visit your dentist often.

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