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DHL vs Fedex or UPS

Living here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala we find ourselves often sending packages back and forth to the US and Canada via some courier company or another.

My husband has always said Fedex or UPS are the best ones to use as they always seem to get the package delivered to the right person.

I thought DHL was OK too as they are the company that delivers my products to me every month without fail and they also found us when we lived in the Racquet Club to deliver our new computer. Well, actually thinking it over, my son saw their truck on the carretera and went chasing after them in his car but, at least, they were in the right area. This time I have to admit my husband is right and you have no idea how much that pains me.

Our son in Toronto, Canada had to send us some documents asap for us to get some information for him from here for his new employer.

Although our son used to work with his father here and though I am sure that he would have heard the same opinion about Fedex and UPS from his father he chose to send the package to us DHL which should have arrived last Friday.

Not only did it not arrive it, for some inexplicable reason, is in Brisbane, Australia. We had our contact here from Mail Boxes Etc. in San Antonio Tlayacapan do some checking for us. DHL told them a) a package saying “documents” has a 48 hour lag time as many people are sending checks over $10,000.00 b) it was the Labor Day week-end c) the package was not in Australia as it said on the website but they (DHL) had just duplicated the tracking number in error and d) the package was in Australia but is now back in Toronto.

As it turns out all of this information is incorrect and the package IS in Australia and DHL is doing their best to get the package back on track.

It would appear that DHL are fine here in Mexico but are not quite so fine when it comes to International deliveries. Perhaps this is an isolated situation where a package clearing addressed to Mexico ends up in Brisbane, Australia.

For me, I will now only use Fedex or UPS (as my husband suggests) for International deliveries just to be safe.

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