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Diamond Jubilee in London, England

Diamond Jubiliee in London, England

I have been glued to the TV for the last few days watching the Diamond Jubiliee of Queen Elizabeth II.

It has be terrific to watch something that is positive, happy, inspirational, historic, emotional in a good way and that effects the over 52 countries in the commonwealth. Most of the news these days anywhere in the world is not good and as my father would have said “the world is a mess” but I know how much he and my mother would have enjoyed this Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. This Queen promised when she became Queen that whether her life be long or short, she would pledge her life to the service of her country and people. She has done just that and has been a steadfast rock for 60 years always putting duty before pleasure. If you watched any of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations you would see that clearly it was a pleasure for Queen Elizabeth to connect with her people in all countries of the commonwealth.

On Sunday there was a Pageant on the River Thames which was spectacular. The Queen and, in fact, the entire royal party stood for the 4 hours that it took for thousands of boats to pass the Royal Barge in the pouring rain and cold culminating in the Royal Philharmonic playing the National Anthem. Prince Philip particularly being a navy man enjoyed this portion of the festivities.

The Royal Concert on Monday night had celebrities from all over the world and wrapped up with Sir Paul McCartney singing a medley of Beatle Songs with fantastic staging.

The Queen also enjoyed all the displays of horses and I loved the Horse Whisperer from France.

There was a Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral with all the pomp and ceremony no one does better than Britain.

There were carriage rides through the streets of London and a lunch after the church service at the historic Westminster Hall.

Prince Charles gave a very warm speech after the concert address the Queen as Your Majesty, Mummy, which brought a smile to her lips and also kissed her hand which was beautiful.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will and Kate) and Prince Harry were in close approximation to the Queen throughout the celebration as was Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Unfortunately, Prince Philip had to go to hospital with a bladder infection after the four hours on the Thames but he is doing well and is on the mend. Prince Charles stepped in to take his father’s place but you could see that the Queen clearly missed her husband of over 60 years.

Another wonderful thing for me was the excellent pictures of London. Rain or shine it is truly a magnificent city steeped in rich history and the love her subjects have for their Monarch is fantastic to see.

It is over now and we hope she will continue her reign for years to come and it certainly does not seem that she is slowing down as she goes up and down stairs and in and out of cars and carriages with ease not an easy task for an 86 year old.

I don’t know what London has planned for the Olympics but nothing could outshine the memorable images of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

There is a wonderful picture of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip then and now on my facebook timeline – Judy Wallis.

Fortunately, we are in the second week of the French Open Tennis Tournament and then we will have Wimbledon and the Olympics to look forward to.

Long Live the Queen!

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