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Dianne Murray – Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Early yesterday morning we lost our dear friend, Dianne Murray, to cancer.

Dianne came to Ajijic from the pacific north-west in 1971. She was one of the first people we met on our arrival in 1994 as she, then, worked at La Nueva Posada,

We loved her immediately because of her caustic humor, warmth and willingness to help locals and newcomers alike. Being fluent in Spanish, Dianne was also very helpful in translating for non-Spanish speaking residents and visitors.

Her son, Estevan, was one of our son’s first friends here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, and they both became part of a foursome affectionately named “Dinamita Pura” (I think you can decipher the translation of this) by one of the fathers of the group.

Although life was a struggle for Dianne in those days she still managed, as a single mom, to raise her two children in downtown Ajijic and send them both to university in the states where they both graduated. Her daughter Amanda, has a finance degree and works as a florist and her son, Estevan, graduated with a teaching degree. He was a teacher for some years but now works for Microsoft in Seattle.

For many years Dianne worked with Mark Eager at Eager y Asociados in Rental and Property Management. My husband worked with Dianne for 12 years at Eager and she was one of his favorite people in the world. They shared the same sense of humor and Dianne always new how to get things done and was a whiz with the intricate Mexican paperwork, a gift my husband did not share with her.

Dianne had a wide circle of friends including Mexicans and ex-pats and always looked after her employees and clients with wry humor and dispatch.

Dianne did not suffer fools easily but approached the right way nothing was too much trouble.

When her house burned down several years ago the entire community was happily pressed into service to help her rebuild her beautiful village home.

Her clients depended on her for all aspects of management of their homes and she took care of all the details in running and caring for their property in their absence.

She made sure all the workers got paid on time and listened patiently to any of their, real or perceived, grievances and always found an agreeable solution.

Dianne did all the closings for Eager and Asociados, service which is invaluable to any broker. Even if one has the proper paperwork challenges can sometimes arise which she would figure out to everyone’s ultimate satisfaction.

Dianne was known and loved by the entire community and always seemed to have the answer to their questions. I called her “Oh Wise One” as I knew whatever my question she would have the answer. She would always laugh when I called her that and say “Oh, no – what it is now?”

She was a caring mother and her children adored her. Recently, although ill herself, she travelled to Seattle to see her son, who had pneumonia, and was in the hospital. This proved to be a very timely visit.

Often at the end of one of her busy days at work she would come across the street to have a glass of white wine (or two) with my friend, Judy Eager, and myself. These were very special times as the retelling of her stories of what was going on in her busy life had us laughing out loud. and we knew this was where she could let her hair down. Judy and I will both miss those glasses of white wine with Dianne.

There is an expression “Crusty but Benign” and this perfectly sums up her personality.

I remember one of her happiest moments was when she bought her shiny new white truck.

Dianne has brought others so many “happy moments” and she will be sorely missed. by her family, many friends and colleagues.

Our love and condolences go out to her 2 children and she will be remembered in our prayers. God bless you, Dianne, for the huge role you had in shaping our community with your wonderful casual laid back attitude to life and her exemplary process of living in our wonderful village in the sun.

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