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DIF Credential Plan Venerable

Everytime I would go to Walmart to buy drugs (which is frequently at our age) I was asked if I had the DIF card.  I responded that I did not as I found out one had to go to DIF in Chapala in person armed to the teeth with various indentifiation and other documents.

I did find out some information about what was required for this discount card and blogged about it.  I now do, indeed, have the DIF Credential Plan Venerable Discount card and, naturarlly what I was told I needed by the peole at DIF was not quite the case.

Here is an update of what I now know first hand is required to walk out with your discount card in hand.

The original and 2 copies of your passport, Mexican status document/card (Residente Permante etc.) , birth certificate, proof of address such as light or phone bill.

They will also want to have proof of your blood type, an emergency number and name and 4 infantil, color photographs with plain clothes and no glassess.

At the moment they only process applications on Monday and Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm but that, of course, could change in a heartbeat.

You might want to call them prior to going at 766-3349 and their address is Dellogada # 327 in Chapala.

This is a card that is valid in Jalisco only.  It also offers discounts in some hotels, hospitals, museums, physicians, opticians, laboratories,   medical equipment outlets, stores (Walmart and many more) and service providers, annual water bills and property taxes.

There is another senior card requiring many of the same documents but, at the moment, one has to go to Guadalajara to obtain this card which is called INAPAM and is nationwide. This card offers many of the same discounts but also includes transportation discounts. I will not be applying any time soon for that INAPAM card but am very happy to have the DIF Credential Plan Venerable card.

You can get more information on both cards by Googling Discount Cards for Seniors.

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