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Different Options for Ajijic Real Estate in Lake Chapala Mexico

When people are considering retiring or moving to Ajijic, Lake Chapala it is important to know that there is something for everyone here.

We have many different options for people. There are many different areas available and we have live in a lot of them.

Our first house was right in the village of Ajijic. We loved living in the village. It was handy to everything and we walked everywhere. We felt like we were really a part of the Mexican community and enjoyed our neighbors.

The vets, Antonio and Hector Ladron, were, at that time, kitty corner from our house. This was a very good thing as we had inherited a mother dog and her five newborn puppies with the house. Naturally, as we had two young children, the mother dog and one of the puppies became ours and good homes were found for the other four puppies.

If there was a negative about living in the village it might be the noise especially at night. It did not bother us, however. We had a shouting gallery off the master bedroom and when the Mariachis played in the street at night it sounded like they were in our bedroom.

Next we lived in a house in Upper La Floresta. This was a great house for kids as it had a small swimming pool, tennis courts and soccer field. We like living in La Floresta with its wide beautiful streets and we like the daily safety patrols.

We were then lucky enough to hear about a fabulous house in Chula Vista which was truly magnificent. This house had four bedrooms, a casita, and a wonderful outdoor entertainment area. It was a triple lot which was great for our dogs and kids and parking for five cars. This was more than enough as we only had 2.

We then moved to the racquet club in San Juan Cosala west of Ajijic. The view from our house was amazing and the house was new and lovely. We very much enjoyed the Racquet Club Tennis Club two blocks from our house. My son and I played tennis almost 5 days a week and the kids and their friends also enjoyed the large swimming pool and hot tub facilities.

The other sides of our stone wall were several burros who brayed happily only at night, of course.

From there we moved into a very nice house in Villa Nova. This house was beautifully appointed and again had a beautiful view of the lake and mountains. Unfortunately, there was little or no garden which was not suitable for our three dogs.

Believe it or not our wonderful house in Chula Vista became available again and we snapped it up and looked forward to moving back in and watch our then three dogs run the length of the three lots.

By this point I had an epiphany. I had thought that the house we needed without our children would be very different than the house we needed with our children. That was before I realized when you live in paradise your children, at least ours, never leave. If they do leave they always come back which is fine with us.

As we were very happy in Chula Vista we bought a five bedroom house with a swimming pool just down the road from our huge rental over ten years ago and have been very happy ever since. Although we enjoyed all of our houses I wish now that we had bought at the outset and saved ourselves a lot of rent money.

There are many other areas in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for you to choose your ideal property from and so I suggest you find a real estate broker who knows the area and whom you can trust to show you your potential property in paradise.

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