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Dining Out or Eating In

There are many reasons to eat at home and cost is one of the major ones. That is not necessarily the case here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Let’s have a look at having a dinner party at home. You have to clean your silverware until it shines and clean you stemware until it sparkles. You have to clean your outdoor table for appetizers and drinks and polish your indoor table for dinner. You have to make sure your tablecloth/placemats are clean along with your napkins.

You have to buy/pick and arrange flowers for the table and to make your house look pretty. You have to make sure your house is clean and the garden looks well kept, lawn mown, all plants dead-headed and pool a shimmering blue and free of leaves etc. Of course, all pet deposits in the garden must be removed.

Then you have to select a menu including appetizer or pickies with drinks, main course and dessert. All ingredients must be purchased for said menu which in itself can be a challenge. The food also has to be prepared, cooked and served.

You have to have the appropriate wine parings for each course and any other drinks your guests might enjoy.

You have to buy candles and make sure the candle holders are clean and free from the wax of the previous dinner party.

You have to have a suitable selection of music ready and something on which to play it.

Your pets have to be walked before your dinner party so they are calm and well-behaved.

Your house needs to have a lovely fresh scent and all indoor and outdoor lights working and shining brightly.

Then, of course, there is the clean up after the event which can take days.

These are only the things that I can think of at the moment.

To dine out you need to decide where to go and at what time and make the reservation.

My husband and I have found that not only is it cheaper to take your guests out it is a whole lot less hassle.

You do the math.

Buen Provecho whatever you decide.

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