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Disaster in Haiti, from Lake Chapala Mexico

Disaster in Haiti

A few weeks ago there was a 6.1 earthquake in Port Au Price in Haiti which is one of the poorest countries in the world. Normally, when disaster strikes there are neighboring communities that can pitch in but such is not the case here. Everyone is very poor and thousands of people were killed. Thousands more left homeless, hungry and desperate for news of their family and friends.

Help poured in from many countries and, of course, the US, but it took some time to coordinate the immediate needs and the best way to access the airport to get aid to the people.

Food, water, blankets were vital and shelter and protection for the children left without parents.

Medical attention was crucial and workers to help find any survivors and dig them out of wherever they were trapped. They had neither the manpower nor the equipment necessary for such a mammoth undertaking.

CNN’s Dr. Sanja Gupta has been there from the outset and has joined other medical teams in providing whatever help they could to those who needed it but the numbers were overwhelming.

Aid organizations have been trying to organize who was going to what and after several days slowly they started to coordinate and get help to those who needed it.

CNN has covered this story for weeks almost exclusively and they have been extremely involved to fund raising and bringing us many horrible stories of death and dying but also stories of hope of finding and reuniting with family members.

As of today, $210,000.000.00 has been raised and sent to Haiti. The Obamas themselves sent $15,000.00.