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Discount Card for Walmart

Every time I am at Walmart I am asked if i have the “tarjeta de descuento”.  I respond that I do not but after spending a fortune at Walmart over the holidays I thought it might be worth looking into obtaining this discount card.  A little like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted but nonetheless I proceeded with my research.

I asked the girl at the Customer Service desk what was required to obtain this discount card and she gave me some information which she did not sound entirely sure about.  I decided to call the place where they can be obtained and that is DIF (School for the Deaf) in Chapala.

Their phone # is (376) 765-3349 and their address is Degollada # 327 in downtown Chapala.  If you Google DIF Chapala there is a map for you to follow.

This is what you need:

2 copies of your birth certificate ( you need to be 55 or over – I just squeaked by)

2 copies of proof of address such as phone bill or electric bill in your name

2 copies of your passport and/or Mexican document such as permanent resident or inmigrado card

4 photos size infantil in color with plain clothes and without your glasses

your blood type

an emergency phone # and your emergency contact

You do have to appear in person to get your discount card as they require your signature.

They are giving these discount cards the last week of this month. (January)

I am not sure what the DIF Chapala office hours so I suggest you call before you make the trip to Chapala.

Whenever you are trying to obtain anything in Mexico, and particularly in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, the rules can change without notice but as of today these are the neccessary papers needed to obtain said discount card.

Good Luck!

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