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Doctores Pinto Opticas in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

When I first came to live in Ajijic in 1994 I wore very fetching green tinted contact lenses. When one of them became damaged I asked my eye doctor in Toronto, Canada to send me some new ones. I stupidly thought this would be a simple process but in those days you had to obtain the appropriate Mexican paperwork to allow your lenses into the country.

I went to see a couple of doctors to obtain said paperwork but soon found that you could only import contact lenses if you were a corporation which I was not.

Having failed at this endeavor I also noticed that the dust from the lake would get into my eyes and cause eye infections so I finally gave up on contacts. Also a friend of mine told me I looked 5 years younger wearing my glasses. The decision was made, vanity won out and I went back to eyeglasses, green eyeglasses but eyeglasses nonetheless.

Getting ones glasses fixed here was my next challenge. There was (and I believe still is) a small shop on the carretara going into Chapala with an eye above the door that could sometimes and sometimes not fix your glasses for you.

Next I found out that the Lake Chapala Society on Independencia in Ajijic had free eye exams with previous sign ups but, alas, no green glasses.

You can imagine my joy when two years ago I found an honest to goodness eye doctor on the carretera just east of Maskaras Clinic located at Hidalgo 77-2, Riberas del Pilar, Chapala.

I originally went to see Dr. Pinto for prescription sun glasses and was very pleased with the eye exam and the aforementioned sun glass frames I purchased for a very reasonable price.

Lately, I have noticed that I am using a magnifying glass for more than just the “fine” print and came to realize that perhaps it was time to retest my eyes and perhaps I did, indeed, need a new prescription.

I made an appointment for the very next day and went to see Doctores Pinto Opticas.

Dr. Pinto has expanded his facilities and has all the latest up-to-date technology and he tested my eyes thoroughly with a variety of tests and machines and determined that the good news was that my eyes were healthy but I did need a new prescription. He showed me what I was (or was not seeing) with my current prescription and what I would be able to see with my new prescription. I could not believe the difference.

Hopefully, they will be able to put the new prescription in my existing green frames but, if not, they do have an extensive array of frames in all colors and also have a selection of designer frames for those whom are so inclined.

I will have my new glasses in a week and in the meantime I am wearing my sunglasses which give me a mysterious aura or one of pretension. I am not quite sure which but I can live with either for a week.

Dr. Pinto also deals with diseases and surgeries of the eyes.

Doctores Pinto can be reached at 01 (376) 765-7793 for an appointment and the Emergency Cell # is 333 106 1634.

I did ask Dr. Pinto about contact lenses but he told me the dust from the lake plays havoc with contacts and besides the vision in my right eye was too bad to be a candidate now for contacts.

One way or another I will have green glasses.

Dr. Pinto also speaks fluent English.

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