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Doctors Antonio and Hector Ladron de Guevara MVD's

When we first moved to Ajijic, Lake Chapala in 1994 one of the conditions of our rental house on Constitucion was that we allowed the stray mother dog and her 5 new puppies to stay in the garage until homes could be found for them.  As we had two young children with us we readily agreed to these terms.

Kitty corner from our house was the offices of Doctors Antonio and Hector Ladron de Guevara MVD’s or veterinarians. This was most convenient for getting all the shots the puppies needed and tending to their well-being until they were adopted.

As it turned out we did adopt the mother and one of the puppies who brought us great joy for many years.  We continued to use Antonio Ladron and still do to this day.

We added another Chapala street dog to our pack and Antonio looked after all of our dogs until their passings.  We now have three more street dogs who have been under the care of the Ladrones since we got them.

Our beautiful Golden Lab baby girl, unfortunately, has a gene which predisposes her to the inability to metabolize fat.  This did not show up until she was 7 and, of course, there are much worse predispositions our pets can have.

What happens with our Lab is that she grows a large fat pocket on her back leg which we operated onto remove  in October 2012.  Since then we have been able to control it with injections and medications designed to reduce the fat pockets.

We tried to that again when the growth returned but this time nothing worked and she was having trouble walking as the accumulation of fat was pushing against her sciatic nerve.

We did not want to operate again but finally realized we really had no other choice.  We took her in for surgery on Friday and she was home with us the same day.  A little groggy but home nonetheless.  The next twelve hours we had to keep her very still which , believe me, is quite a challenge with an 80 pound dog.  We all took watches making sure she was comfortable and not doing backflips or anything silly.

Antonio did come to our house to make sure she was OK a few hours after she was home and to answer all of our questions.  We took her back today and will go back again on Tuesday to remove the drain and find out when the stitches will come out.

She is doing great.  We got her through the night and she enjoyed a hearty breakfast or at least as hearty as possible under her new dietary restrictions.

We are very grateful, yet again, to Antonio Ladron who as saved the live of this beautiful Golden Lab of ours more than once.

We are so lucky to have such professional and caring vets in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and always have full confidence that our pets will be looked after with great care and affection.

Antonio and Hector Ladron de Guevara are located on Hidalgo # 210 (on the carretera) next to the Animal Shelter in Riberas del Pilar in Chapala. They are open from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and

Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Tel. (376) 765-5940 and for emergencies call 045 331 121 7299 or 045 333 122 7386.

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