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Dog Whisperer Ends Tomorrow

The exceptional series, for an 8 year run, “Dog Whisperer” is airing its series finale tomorrow September 16th.

Although I have probably seen every episode and read the books of Cesar Millan I am very sad the series is ending as it has become part of our daily life. I am sure the reruns will continue and I will continue watching them.

Cesar tells us to watch for his new series coming up in 2013 “Leader of the Pack”. Cesar got in the United States illegally when he was a young man who spoke no English and had $25.00 in his pocket. He subsequently did become a legal citizen.

He slept under bridges until he got a job as a dog groomer and slowly made his name as he was able to handle large breeds such as Rottweilers.

Cesar lived on a farm in Mexico and learned everything he knows about animals from his grandfather who taught his to always work with Mother Nature not against her.

This has served Cesar well as he now has a following of several million and has helped so many dogs have a better life through training their owners.

It is Cesar’s belief that there are no bad dogs just misguided owners and he also believes that you get the dog you need not necessarily the dog you want. In other words a dog can teach us many things as they all want to be balanced and happy, calm and submissive.

Achieving these ends with your dog can sometimes be a challenge but Cesar through his TV series and books and seminars has given us many tools to help your dog become balanced and live and enjoyable and fulfilled life. I wish we had known about Cesar when we first got our very head strong Dalmatian, Mancha. We all would have had a much easier time. She did however, live a long happy life doing exactly as she pleased at all times.

Cesar’s method is very simple. Your dogs feel your energy and so it is your responsibility to be calm and assertive at all times. You must become the pack leader because if you do not assume this role your dog will. Also dogs do not respect weakness. The most important thing is to walk your dog daily and make sure there is only calm energy going down the leash.

Cesar Millan has changed the lives of so many dogs and their owners and we are very lucky to have such a compassionate person helping us with our canine family members.

Tune in to watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. You owe it to your dog.

Also you can check Cesar Millan out on Facebook and find out more about his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles.

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