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Dogs are the Best Security

Ask any real estate broker/agent and they will tell you that the best security for your property is a barking dog.

We have had dogs since we moved here in 1994. We rented a house that had in its garage a mother dog and her five new puppies. One of the conditions of the rental was that we allowed the dogs to stay until the person looking after the house for the owners could find the puppies good homes. As we had 2 children aged 10 and 12 we readily agreed.

Our son fell in love with the mother dog a beautiful cross between a Doberman and a Lab and I knew we would probably take a puppy too. We did and they had full happy, healthy lives with us until they passed away. The puppy was almost purebred Dalmatian and impossible to train. She was, however, the smartest dog we have ever had.

The maid had accidently left the gate unlocked so our puppy opened it easily with her paw and she and her mother set out on an excellent adventure. The mother dog was brought back by the person who was looking after our rental house but the puppy was missing for 2 and ½ days and we thought she was gone.

Late one night I heard scratching and crying at our front door and I knew our clever puppy had found her way home in the pouring rain in the dead of night. There was elation all around.

A few years later our daughter had become attached to a little miniature Schnauzer that was living on the street outside her school in Chapala. Our daughter had been feeding this feisty little puppy and lined a cardboard box with an old sweatshirt and fed her every day she was at school. I broached the subject of a third dog with my husband who said “no” without hesitation. I explained that this situation was different and our daughter had become attached to this animal.

To my great delight my husband went to my daughter’s school and picked up this puppy (who he hoped was the right one) and brought her home. The next day we took her to be shampooed, clipped, rid of fleas and dosed with all the appropriate shots and picked up our daughter who had been staying overnight with a friend. I will never forget the look on her face and the puppy was jolly happy too.

When our first mother and daughter dogs were getting older we were lucky enough to get a wonderful street dog a baby girl Lab who we all love to pieces as we have loved all of our dogs. She is an amazing watch dog and takes her job of protecting the family very seriously.

Last year we lost our little Schnauzer to a heart condition and so we were down to one dog. I could not even think about getting another dog.

Then another street dog this time a little boy Bichon Frise/Poodle mix came to my husband’s office. We put up signs trying to find the owners but when no one came forward we adopted him happily and he soon took the pain out of our hearts from losing our little Schnauzer.

Aside from the immense pleasure our dogs bring to our lives with their unconditional love we also appreciate the fact that they protect us and our house. I am not saying not to look into various security systems but the best security is a barking dog.

4 out of the 5 dogs we have adopted over the years were or are street dogs and I highly recommend these animals as they are so appreciative to have found a good home where they are loved and looked after that the reward is tenfold.

Call the Animal Shelter at 765-5514 to see about adopting a security system today.

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