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Dos Fuegos Catering Co. in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

I am extremely pleased to announce a new upscale catering company in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

It is called Dos Fuegos Catering Co. and it provides Food and Beverage Service and Distribution.

Dos Fuegos Catering Co. offers lakeside their catering services for dinner parties and special events.

Toronto born chef Shai Buchler is now offering his catering services to the lakeside area. Classically trained in French/Italian cuisine, Shai has been cooking for 20 years. His passion for the culinary arts has taken him all over the world from Europe to Asia to now bring you the best mix of all foods. Chef Shai is happy to work with you to design the perfect menu for all your event needs.

Email them at or call 331 347 4732.

Their web page is on Facebook: Dos Fuegos Catering Co.

Go to their webpage for more information, pictures and reviews.

Dos Fuegos Catering Co. has already thrilled their clients with their innovative and delicious food.

With the high season upon us it is fantastic to have this exciting catering company to assist you with all your entertaining needs.

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