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Dr. Alberto Don Olivera

Dr. Alberto Don Olivera, better know at Dr. Don, has been my dentist since we moved to Ajijic, Lake Chapala in 1994.

I have always been very happy with the care and attention I have received from Dr. Don and am very impressed with his level of knowledge and that he is always learning new techniques to better serve our needs. I have unreservedly recommended him to others always with a positive result.

Dr. Don has a very efficient staff and his prices are very competative.  I appreciate how he is always willing to discuss different methods to fix the problem and how well he listens to our concerns.

Recently I had a routine teeth cleaning and Dr. Don was not happy with something he saw in my mouth.  He said it was probably nothing but would like to consult a specialist just to be sure.  I saw the specialist later that week and she confirmed that although it did not look like anything serious it was not normal and a biopsy was indicated.

I had the biopsy the following Friday and got the results a week later that all was well.

I was very impressed with Dr. Don being so careful about ruling out anything that was possibly negative and also with his associate.

Her name is Dra. Gabriela Cardenas Cordova and she is a Maxillofacial Surgeon which deals with your face, mouth and neck.

She specializes in oral surgery, general  odontology and dental implants.  Drs. Gabriela also offers an esthetic treatment for the rejuventation of the skin.

Like with Dr. Don there was no pain and I greatly appreciated the care she took to make sure I was comfortable.  She was also very thorough in taking my medical history before the procedure.

I am very happy we have such experienced medical and dental professionals here at lakeside to look after us.

You can reach Dr. Gabriela through Dr. Don at Maskaras Clinic, Hidalgo 70-G, Riberas del Pilar, Chapala.  His email is: and his phone # at Maskaras Clinic is (376) 765-4805.

After consulting with you he will be able to either solve your problem himself or call in his associate to assist.

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