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Dr. Jaime Lopez Guzman

As you know I am very happy with Maskaras Clinic for a number of reasons. Dr. Carlos Garcia being the main one. When I was first here 17 years ago I sent every diagnosis to my team in Toronto and they were always of one mind which gave me total confidence in Dr. Garcia. Over the years Dr. Garcia has looked after my family with great care and now his wife, who is a pediatrician at Maskaras Clinic, is looking after my grandson. I am also very happy with Dr. Don Olivera the dentist at Maskaras and have referred many patients to him and all of whom have been happy too.

There is also a very good bone doctor, Dr. Gonzalez, and many other specialties are represented with doctors that come out from Guadalajara every week.

If you visit their web site at: you will find all the other doctors and the address and phone number of Maskaras Clinic.

There is a new doctor at Maskaras Clinic now who I would like to introduce to you. His name is Dr. Jaime Lopez Guzman who is a specialist in internal medicine and a member of the Latin-American Association of Diabetes. His email address is: and his cell phone number is 045 333 488 4653.

Dr. Lopez is on call on week-ends but also seems to be there during the week as well.

I needed an ear looked at and Dr. Garcia was fully booked as usual and rather than keep me waiting he suggested that Dr. Lopez look at me. Dr. Lopez speaks English and has a very kind and thorough manner. I liked him very much and am very happy we now have a backup, if you will, for our Dr. Garcia.

Flu shots are now available at Maskaras Clinic for $300.00 pesos and you do not need an appointment. Just go to the clinic from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday and go upstairs and the nurse will administer the injection. Then you pay the receptionist, Judith. There is nothing more important than your health and Maskaras Clinic will look after you and they also has a very reasonable discount program for visits, lab work and x-rays etc. which is also posted on their web site.


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