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Dr. Sergio Aguila Bimbela M.D. Cosmetic Surgeon

We were out to dinner with good friends a week or so ago and they mentioned that they had seen an article by the above named doctor in the Ojo del Lago May 2013 Page 41, This article offered a promotion for patients that had received facial rejuvenation before November of 2012.

For some reason I did not have a copy of the May 2013 issue but got my hands on it through a friend of mine who also had availed herself of Dr. Bimbela’s service. The article went on to say that two types of approved surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation primarily used around the world. The first type is known as plication and the second is known as SUB- SMAS. These two methods are mainly differentiated by the type of stitches used and there is no medical literature published in which the techniques are compared on the basis of the duration of the aesthetic results.

However, it is generally common knowledge that the aesthetic result of a facial rejuvenation has an average duration of 7-10 years regardless of the type of technique used or the group of patients evaluated.

On further analysis of this situation there appeared to be significant and important differences between Mexicans and North Americans based on skin pigmentations and dates of first surgeries. Mexicans usually had their first surgery at the age of 55 while North Americans the age was 68.

Once he detected this situation of lower duration of results he stopped using the plication method with North American patients and replaced it with the SUB-SMAS technique which requires a little more time in surgery,

It is important to be awake during surgery and the results definitely depend upon the quality or elasticity of the ski and tissue that each patient has. Also there are some adverse factors that can cause the results to deteriorate much faster such as smoking, important weight changes, sun exposure without protection and genetic conditions with little skin elasticity.

If you have had a facial rejuvenation surgery before November 2012 and the outcome of the surgery is disappearing you can contact Dr. Bimbela at Dermika Centro 766-2500 to have a consultation as to whether the SUB-SMAS technique is right for you to obtain a longer lasting result.

This procedure will not have a cost, only a fee to cover supplies.

I, for one, appreciate Dr. Bimbela’s dedication to the satisfaction of his patients and his commitment to continuing education.

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