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Dr. Sergio Aguila Bimbela Plastic Surgeon

Today I went for a consultation with Dr. Aguila mostly out of curiosity as many of my friends here have availed themselves of his services and been delighted with the results. These procedures have varied from mini face lifts to full face lifts and one full body lift.

Dr. Agula has a wonderful reputation and is very young and clearly up on all the latest technology and he is board certified. He is also referred to as “wunderkind”. I was very impressed with the time he spent with me answering all of my questions. He was very warm and caring and wanted to know a great deal about my medical history which was very reassuring indeed.

He showed my various before and after shots on his computer, not mentioning any names of course, and I could see for myself the impressiveness of his work.

He does all of his surgeries out here in Ajijic with his own staff from Guadalajara and prefers local anesthetics to generals as they are less risky. Dr. Aguila describes in detail what one should expect and gives you comprehensive printed material of Before Facelift Surgery Instructions and After Facelift Instructions. You are invited to call him or email him with any additional question you may have.

The first appointment is for the consultation for you to express your desired outcome and for him to make his recommendations. You are given a request for blood work and prices are discussed. He shows you in the mirror what you will look like after the procedure and where the scars will be. The next appointment will be to turn in the results of your blood work, ask any further questions and select a date for your surgery

According to Dr. Aguila your facelift will last forever and he takes great pains to make sure your surgery experience is a pleasant one. Dr. Aguila says after your facelift you will look fresh and be happy.

I thought the prices were very competitive and about one third of the cost for the same procedures in Canada (and that was 17 years ago).

Every patient is different so these are just approximate guidelines:

Neck Lift – $ 30,000.00 pesos Facelift including neck lift, cheeks, jowls, eyelids and eyebrow lift, fat fillers (lines and lips) and dermoabrasion (upper lip) – $45,000.00 pesos The cost for the clinic here in Ajijic is $7,000.00 pesos. If you would prefer, you can also have your procedure done in Guadalajara.

You come out with the feeling that this could be the best decision you have ever made as Dr. Aguila certainly seems to know his onions as it were.

You can also visit his web site at: for further information and prices.

Dr. Sergio Aguila Bimbela is located in the Dermika Dermatology Center in the Ajijic Plaza, Carretera Oriente # 57-5. For an appointment and in depth consultation call 766-2500. The price for the consultation is $400.00 pesos.

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