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Dra. Angelica Quintero Palomino – Pediatrician in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

When we first moved here in 1994 our then two children were the only blonds in the classroom and we had trouble finding a good doctor for them.  We would tend to their medical needs as we went back and forth to Canada.

Now we have three grandchildren here and our daugheters have found a wonderful pediatrician for them.

Her name is Dra. Angelica Quintero Palomino and although she works in Guadalajara she comes out to Ajijic regularly and lives in Ajijic.

Dra. Angelica is located at Maskaras Clinic on Hidalgo 79-G, (the carretera) in Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jalisco 45900.   The phone # there is (376) 765-4805 and her cell  is 045 333 167 6814.

Our girls are very happy with Dra. Angelica and trust her completely with their children.

Once when one of our daughters and her family were in Manzanillo their baby got thrush.  They were able to reach Dra. Angelica on her cell and get the proper treatment and medication to fix the problem.

Dra. Angelica has given all our grandchildren their shots and check ups.  Some of these shots are free at the Health Center but you have to be Mexican to be eligible for the shots without cost.

Dra. Angelica is the mom of four boys including twins so is quite capable at dealing with all situations.

I wanted to mention Dr. Angelica to you as more younger people are coming down with their small children and I wanted you to know there was an excellent pediatrian right here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala to take good care of them.

Dra. Angelica is married to Dr. Carlos Garcia Dias del Castillo who runs Maskaras Clinic so you know the service and care will be excellent.

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