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Dres. Ladron de Guevara – The Best Vets in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

We first met Dr. Antonio Ladron and his nephew, Dr. Hector Ladron, when we were kitty corner from their office on Constitucion in Ajijic.

We had inherited a mother dog and her five pups in the house we were renting and part of the deal was we would keep them until the owner was able to find good homes for them.  As we had two small children, who were adjusting from a move from Toronto to Ajijic, this seemed like an ideal situation.

Naturally, these six dogs required shots and medical attention and we loved that the vets were so close and so nice.

We kept the mother dog and one of her pups and, subsequently, have had a total of six rescue dogs over 22 years.

We have always stayed close to the Ladrons and when they moved to the current location at Hidalgo # 210 in Riberas del Pilar, Chapala (on the carretera acrss from Nomad furniture store) we followed them.

We have always been extremely happy with the level of care and attention we have received and more than one of our dogs have had their lives saved more than once by Antonio or Hector Ladron.

When our golden lab had eaten something that poisoned her we would meet Dr. Antonio Ladron at the clinic at midnight when he came out from Guadalajara to meet us for a week and gave our lab the treatment she needed to safe her life.  Either Antonio or Hector Ladron are at the lakeside clinic every day.

These men are very caring and will come to your home in emergencies.

The phone # of the clinic is (376) 765-5940.  The two cell #’s for emergencies are 331 121 7299 and 333 122 7386.

The hours at the clinic are Monday to Saturday 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Most people in Ajijic, Lake Chapala have dogs an we feel very lucky that we have such amazing vets available to us. It is very reassuring to know that everything possible will be done to keep your beloved pets happy and in good health.

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