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Drinking and Driving in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Sunday July 6th squads of agents from Jalisco’s Traffic Department (Secretaria de Movilidad or SeMov) swooped down on lakeside to trap drunk drivers. Breathalyzer were administered to 798 drivers at checkpoints set up simultaneously at the east end of La Floresta and on the Chapala-Guadalajara at Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos.

The agency reports that officers snared 23 or more individuals who reportedly tested above the legal limit of 0.41 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air.  An additional 16 drivers were ticketed for minor infractions.

The law says if you are 0.41 or over you can be arrested and taken to jail in Guadalajara and your car confiscated with steep fines in place to get them back of about $3,200.00 pesos.

The operations like the one on July 6th are to continue on a permanent basis, rotating to different locations on week-ends.

No one, including this blogger, is promoting drinking and driving and we all want safe roads.

Many restaurants are worried how this will affect their businesses, including further worries about decreased tourism but one restaurant, rather than wining has come up with a wonderful plan which will, indeed increase their week-end business.

They want their customers to continue to come to enjoy dinner out on the week-ends and have wine with their dinner if they wish..  This restaurant has committed to drive anyone home by their staff if needed.

This restaurant is El Jardin de Ninette, Carretera Oriente # 52B in Ajijic.  (376) 766-4905.  They are open 12 noon until 8:00 pm and are closed on Mondays.

I think is an elegant solution and I applaud Ninette for their innovative thinking.  They will continue to enjoy my custom.

Well done, Oscar.

Buen provecho.

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