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El Tepalo – Waterfalls in Ajijic and San Juan Cosala

The rainy season (June 15 – October 15) brings many wonderful benefits to Ajijic, Lake Chapala and one of them is the waterfalls that are created above Ajijic and The Racquet Club in San Juan Cosala west of Ajijic towards Jocotepec.

These waterfalls can be accessed by going up the street beside the Ajijic Clinic and provide a beautiful opportunity to enjoy nature and the spectacular views of Lake Chapala and the surrounding area.

This outing is great hiking exercise for you, your dogs and children and you can take a picnic, enjoy a swim in the clear waters and marvel at the beauty from an elevated vantage point.

From San Juan Cosala you can proceed up the street between the church and the plaza through the trails and streets of The Racquet Club to the waterfalls that lie above The Racquet Club.

Another aspect of San Juan Cosala, that can be enjoyed year round, is the Thermal Mineral Waters which are good for your body and mind. The Balneario Motel has several thermal mineral water pools, caves and restaurants to explore and many people come from miles around to take advantage of the restorative properties of this hot water. Many residents in The Racquet Club have their pools filled with this wonderful water.

Another place you might want to visit is the Monte Coxala Spa and you can visit their web site at to find out more about their spa treatments and restaurant. You can enjoy a wonderful lunch here in this historical recreation of old Mexico and have a panoramic view of the entire lake.

You will want to wear sturdy walking shoes and take your camera as the views of Lake Chapala and the Sierra Madre Mountains are breathtaking. At this time of year the mountains are a lush green velvet and you will also enjoy all the wild flowers you will see on your adventure.

You can see pictures of these waterfalls and find out more information at

Our son takes our golden lab up the mountains to the waterfalls for a play date with other dogs at least once a week and it is a splendid experience for all. Make sure you take a bottle of water for yourself and one for your dog too.

So lace up your hiking shoes and head up the mountains to enjoy a fantastic visual experience and you will be able to appreciate from a different point of view our magnificent village in the sun.

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