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Emissions Certificate

Every year Mexican plated automobiles are required to get an Emission Certificate which certifies that your car is not emitting any unwanted pollution into the air.

You have to renew this process every year based on the last letter of your license plate. i.e. if your license plate ends in 3 March is the month you have to renew your certificate. There are probably many places you can have your emissions tested but I prefer to use Escalera which is located on the carretera across from S and S Auto on the south side. Their phone # is (376) 765-4424 and the person to speak to is Aron.

It is a relatively painless process which takes about 25 minutes. You phone Aron and make an appointment to take your car in for testing. If you pass you receive your Emissions Certificate and a sticker for your car window. This will cost you $250.00 pesos.

If, however, you do not pass Aron and his team will tell you what you have to do to make your car ready for a second test. Usually, this involves a new muffler and you have to have your muffler replaced elsewhere as Escalera do not do mufflers. Anything that needs to be done could be done there or you can go to your usual mechanic.

Once you have, hopefully, attended to all of your car’s issues you go back to Escalera and have a retest.

I just drop my car off and go for a walk or go across the street for a little breakfast at Bubba’s. In 25 minutes I return and, on my second try I did, in fact, pass the emissions test and left happily with my certificate in hand and sticker firmly attached to my car window.

Unfortunately, this is a mandatory yearly test and you do want your certificate and sticker in your car in case you are stopped.

Happy Motoring!

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