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Epstein Barr Viral Infection in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

I know when we get a little older we would love to have something that make us feel young again.  However, when I contracted Epstein Barr, which usually afflicts 18 – 25 year olds this was not quite what I had in mind.

Early in October we took our 4 year old grandson to the Guadalajara Zoo on a Saturday which we all enjoyed very much.  It was a very long day, however, with tons of walking.  Sunday I felt fine and took the dogs out for our usual walk but by about 4:00 pm on Monday I had absolutely no energy and thought that I had just overdone it at the zoo.

I did not improve and contacted my doctor as we were having 11 people for Canadian Thanksgiving on the upcoming Sunday.  He proceeded to commence”the process of elimination diagnosis”with a battery of tests and last Friday it was determined that I did, in fact, have Epstein Barr viral infection.

My doctor was even kind enough to offer me some supplemental vitamins which were supposed to give me enough energy for the Thanksgiving dinner.  These pills did absolutely nothing and I was sure they were some kind of placebos.

I was told there was absolutely nothing that could be done about this as it was viral and it was a case of plenty of fluids and rest.

Every day people ask me if I am feeling any better and every day I say “no” as I still have no energy.  Unfortuneately, I have not lost my appetite which is not good when you have not been exercising for 2 weeks.

I was told I would feel better after about 2 weeks which I did but then I took a turn for the worse and am back to feeling like a limp dish rag but we can now add a very back to the list os symptoms.  I attribute this to not going for my daily, most enjoyable walks with the  dogs.  They are not any happier about this than I am.

He tells me it will be another 2 weeks before I am back to normal which will make the total ordeal 4 weeks.

I must admit I am not happy about the cost of all the tests when in the final analysis no treatment could be indicated.  My doctor assured me that it was important to know what it was exactly that we were dealing with.

The final injustice of this virus of teenagers and young people is that it is called “The Kissing Disease”.

I don’t suggest that you look up Epstein Barr on the internet as the sysmptoms are far worse than anything I am experiencing. I have no energy, had a rash, body aches and a fever.  Albeit annoying not horrible.

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