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Fall is Here

I went for my walk this morning and noticed that the temperature had dropped and it was very comfortable. This, of course, means one thing – summer is over and fall is here.

There are many reasons to be happy that fall is here. The temperatures dropping, of course, are most pleasant and make sleeping much more comfortable. Another thing is that all of our favorite shows are back on television and soon Downton Abbey will be back too.

All the major tournaments for golf and tennis are now over but Andy Murray a lovely Scottish lad won the US Open Tennis and it was the first time in 76 years a Brit has won a major. People start thinking about Thanksgiving (both Canadian October 8th and US November 22nd). We celebrate both with our Canadian friends and American friends and have done for the 18 years we have been lucky enough to live in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Christmas plans are starting to form and arrangements being made to go somewhere to be with family or to welcome family here.

One of many things that make us happy about this time of year is that we do not have to plan to hibernate for the long winter months ahead. These months used to include protecting the garden, making sure we had enough boots, mitts, scarves, hats and parkas to brave the outdoors. Snow shovels and ice scrapers for frozen windshields are also a necessary along with plenty of firewood or fire logs. Making sure your freezer is full is also a good idea on the off chance the man who ploughs your driveway does not show up.

Another problem with this time of year up north is that everyone goes back to school so traffic is worse than usual. Here we do not have to worry about increased traffic until after US Thanksgiving when the snowbirds start to filter down to get away from the frozen temperatures.

There are many things to be said about living in the best climate in the world. Golf, tennis and all other outdoor activities will continue. There is a small chance you might have to don a light sweater or sweatshirt in the evening but we can live with that. Flowers will continue to bloom and the sun will continue to shine.

We still have another month or so of the rainy season and I have not yet seen the small yellow flowers on the mountains that herald winter (such as it is) is upon us.

We are so happy that the deep melancholy that used to fall upon us this time of year is no longer an issue. Life is beautiful and so is our village in the sun.

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