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Family Christmas

This year we are planning on travelling to Abingdon, Virginia for a family Christmas at my brother-in-law’s cabin.  There are going to be about 17-18 people and several (at least 4) dogs.

We are very much looking forward to this as we have a wonderful family and we always laugh a lot and eat terrific food as several family members are in the food service business and some are just great cooks.  My sister-in-law is a little worried that the Abingdon liquor store might run out of wine but I feel confident we will certainly find a solution to this potential problem.

We have decided to do a Secret Santa format and my sister-in-law was nominated for the task.  She has done a terrific job and offered up many options for us to choose from including stocking stuffer options, price options, the actual list of who gives to whom (which sort of negated the Secret Santa concept)  however, I digress.

Our family is for the most part very funny and all kinds of suggestions sensible and silly have been offered up by different members wanting their wishes known.

What totally baffles me, even though I have carefully tried to follow the thread, is whether or not to have a moyel on hand for those who are uncircumsized or perhaps a vet would be a better option.  Now I like a good joke as much if not more than the next man but how we got to this is, to say the least, a bit of a stretch from a simple Secret Santa format.

Trying to get 17-18 people to agree on how we proceed is like herding cats and my hat is off to my husband’s sister who has generously undertaken this seemingly innocent task.

I think we have decided on the list of who gives to whom, the cost of said gift and we are passing on the stocking stuffers option.  There is also going to be a charitable option as we all know how lucky we are to have each other and all the other blessing we have in our lives.  The moyel question remains unsettled, however, and I am looking forward to the resolution of that issue.

I think it is pertinent to mention that only 3 people of the 17-18 are of the Jewish faith.

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