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Family Photographs

I came home from shopping and various other chores this morning to find all kinds of photographs strewn around the living room.

Our daughter had been cleaning out her room and had found some real gems. Everything now is digital but there is something very nostalgic and warming to hold a real photograph in your hand. These pictures dated back to when our children were born and many wonderful family events at my husband’s family’s ancestral home in Omemee in Ontario, our country house in Cookstown, Ontario and my sister’s cottage on Loon Lake in Ontario. Every week-end the family was together at one of these get aways.

Birthdays, Christmases and other notable dates were well documented by lovely pictures and wonderful family functions.

Three, in particular, caught my eye. One was the living room of our country house with my husband, son and daughter playing video games at Christmas with the beautiful fire place my husband and I had designed and had built showcased nicely. This fireplace was spectacular. We found the maple mantle at a designer outlet and personally selected the dark green marble and slate and found the fire screen at an antique store.

The window in the picture my husband and I had stripped and it looked out over our snow covered one acre pond. What a wonderful place for our children to play and for family to visit. We had four magnificent Christmases there complete with candle lit carol services at out little local chapel.

The second one was at the “farm” which was my husband’s family’s week-end retreat. It was a picture of my husband, one of his brothers and then girlfriend and me playing cribbage at the dining room table. It must have been pre children judging from my slim figure. All of us have the same curly hair and were very focused on our game. We were very happy.

The third one was a picture of my daughter on the terraza here with two of our wonderful street dogs that have passed on. There was Norma, a Doberman/lab mix, and my sweet little Scruffy, almost a pure bred miniature Schnauzer.

All of these pictures brought a tear to my eye as I remembered what a wonderful childhood our children had and how much love there was and, of course, still is.

We were and are very lucky. We are very happy as we enter this festive season with our best friends and family coming home. There is truly no place like home and nothing is better than sharing this holiday season with friends and family.

My daughter is busy making collages of these photographs she found so others will be able to enjoy our very special family times in Canada and now in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Feliz Navidad a todos!

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