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Ferreteria Jara

When we first moved to Ajijic in 1994 I was sent to Ferreteria Jara (hardware store) for some obscure item I was looking for.

There are many hardware stores in Ajijic and Chapala but, for me, Ferreteria Jara is the best. In those days one of their most important assets was an English speaking person behind the counter.

Different hardware stores seem to specialize in different things such as plumbing, chemicals, garden needs etc. but Jara seems to specialize in everything. Whatever you are looking for I am quite sure Jara will have it and if they do not have it they will certainly tell you where you might find it

Today, for example, I was looking for a telephone cord which attached the receiver to the telephone. Now I realize that this item is redundant on a number of levels. One does not use a non- cord less phone anymore if they have a landline at all because cell phones, iphones, smartphones, Blackberries etc. have taken over.

I naturally went to Telmex to try and get said item but was told by a lovely, polite young man that they only sold the cords complete with the phones but I could probably get one at Ferreteria Jara. I should have known.

I went to Jara which is two doors west of Telmex on the overpass across from the El Torito grocery store in Ajijic.

I asked the young man behind the counter for a telephone cord and he, of course, had one. It cost me $6.50 pesos.

I remember other times when Jara was the only place that had what I wanted. They have everything you could possibly want in a hardware and so very much more. They have everything that the expat community could desire and also all the items your Mexican gardener needs such as straw to make his brooms.

The staff is helpful and the prices are reasonable. Jara is also the place where I buy Cynoff which is a non- toxic powder to be mixed with water to fumigate your house and garden. This works very well and does not bother ones pets.

I suggest that whatever you might need go to Jara first and save yourself some time. If you like you could call them on whatever device you have at (376) 766-0918 to see if they have what you are looking for.

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