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Fiestas de San Andres en Ajijic, Lake Chapala

November Revolution Parade Ajijic

Ajijic November Banda

Nov. 22 is the feast day of Saint Cecelia, patron of music, so there will be extra classical and other music performances at the church in the evening.  The excitement gradually builds every night until the actual Feast Day of San Andres on November 30.

There will be street closures during the fiesta around the plaza and church to accommodate various vending stands and kids’ rides. The Calle Zaragoza bus will not be dropping into town; you’ll need to go to the carretera to catch the westbound bus.

Ajijic Castillo

The whole event is off the Richter scale of fun, especially at night. If you don’t live right in Ajijic, be aware that the above is the standard Patron Saint Fiesta routine for every Catholic Church and/or town in Mexico. These fiestas are attended by most of the people in town – all ages, from babies to kids, to teens and young adults, to parents and honored grandparents. There is wonderful family fun for people of all ages! Babies and toddlers often sleep in the plaza right in their parents’ arms while the bigger kids enjoy the festivities.

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