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Fiestas de San Andres in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Today marks the onset of the Fiestas de San Andres in downtown Ajijic.  These fiestas last for 9 days but the rumor mill says they are trying to extend them to 15 days.

The Fiestas de San Andres have lots going on every night.  There are wonderful food stands and taco restaurants in the square of Ajijic across from Bancomer.

There is music and dancing and castillos (firework towers) every night.  There are rides for the little kids and games for all ages.  All manner of booths selling sundry items pop up.

It is a great place to people watch and have a great time getting familiar with the Mexican culture.

Beer gardens are open and the traditional drink of ron con pompope ( rum with Mexican Eggnog) is a very lovely, warming drink that is also available as is Canela.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to manoeuvre during the fiestas and one has to choose their route carefully as many roads are blocked off.

Many people go every night as there is always something different to entertain the whole family.

Some residents find the nightly noise of the fireworks and music annoying but it is a lovely time of year and you are sure to be able to pick up some great gifts for Navidad (Christmas).

We live in San Antonio Tlayacapan and can still hear the fiestas from our house.  Not quite like the Fiestas de sa Antonio which sound like they are in our living room.

Wear something warm as it gets cool at night.

See you there!

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