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First Day of Autumn from Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Autumn in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Yesterday, September 22nd, was the first day of Autumn.

This day, when we lived in Canada, evoked very different emotions than it does here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

In Canada, once Labor Day was upon us, it brought an intense feeling of melancholy. Yes, the leaves would soon be turning and would be a vibrant collage of fiery colors which would be enjoyed by many but also it meant that another winter was on its way.

Soon there would be cold temperatures and snow, rain, hail and sleet. Driving would be precarious and clearing the ice and snow off our cars and roads would be an almost daily challenge. Canadian Tire would do a brisk business in snow tires, chains and windshield scrapers, snow blowers and snow shovels and of course, bags of salt for melting ice.

Children would be going back to school with new clothes (including snow suits, boots, mitts, hats and scarves) and, of course all manner of school supplies. Agendas would have to be reorganized to facilitate school and extracurricular activities and outings would be limited to week-ends.

Storm windows would be installed and basically batten down the hatches was the byword.

It would be a long time until Spring would arrive with it renewed hope for poking our noses outdoors once again to enjoy the flowers and sunshine.

Obviously, here in Ajiic, Lake Chapala it is a very different feeling for us. The first day of Autumn means nothing negative but rather the start of yet another wonderful season in Mexico.

Soon we will be enjoying Canadian Thanksgiving in October and then US Thanksgiving in November followed the most beautiful time of the year Navidad (Christmas). None of the negatives above applies to us here. We will still have sunshine and flowers everyday. We will still be able to eat outside and play tennis and golf and enjoy every manner of outdoor living including swimming in our pools.

Many snow birds will descend on our little village in the sun and friends and family will also arrive to get away from the frozen north.

One of the most popular activities for visiting grandchildren is to enjoy the waterfalls up the mountain from Ajijic. The most popular of these waterfalls is El Tepalo and clear ponds form for people to be able toswim. There are many hiking trails to be enjoyed and the the waterfalls are visually spectacular.

So let the winter come. Our only regret is that all our friends and family from the north who are preparing for the cold weather are not as fortunate as we are to live in paradise.

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