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Florence ROWE Boutique

New York and Toronto experienced fashionista, Lexy White, successfully opened her new boutique Wednesday, October 31st. She almost sold out her entire stock but two new shipments are arriving in a few days.

At the classy opening Margaritas were served along with amazing Crispy Spring Rolls with Thai salad presented in Chinese Food containers. These culinary delights were made by Chef Glenroy from Number FOUR restaurant. The new Florence ROWE Boutique is located right beside the church in Ajijic on Marcos Castellanos # 12. Lexy can be reached at 045 333 448 7422 or

Lexy offers an array of wonderful clothes, shoes and accessories. Her clothes are a blend of old and new with vintage and modern styles and there is something for everyone is all sizes.

I was thrilled with a soft cotton nightgown clearly reminiscent of the Victorian Era, two new tops which will be great with jeans or dress pants or a skirt and an all- cotton “little black dress” which I will probably wear on New Year’s Eve. I also got a very unique long silver necklace of many different textures, hard to describe but fabulous nonetheless. I also bought the obligatory pair of black tights which are soft and fit perfectly.

Lexy also has an interesting selection of tights, jewelry, shoes and purses.

It is wonderful to have a new store which is whimsical and practical with everything from lacy blouses to elegant dresses, skirts, and tops.

Everything in the store is very elegantly done with wonderful full length vintage mirrors and flowing white drapes for privacy. There is a beautiful chandelier softly lighting the interior and the front desk is an antique bar complete with foot rail.

The image you will see on the front door when it is closed is a sugar skull in keeping with the arcane motif of the Florence ROWE Boutique which is named after Lexy’s grandmother.

Lexy has a wonderful eye for design and her new boutique is indeed a welcome addition to our interesting and magical village in the sun.

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