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Frost Nixon Review from Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Frost Nixon Review from Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Getting current movies can sometimes be a hassle in Ajijic or at the very least a test of patience. However, thanks to a client of ours we were able to procure and view the DVD of Frost/Nixon which was on the top of our must see list.

I have been a fan of Frank Langella since he did the TV movie version of Dracula in the 80’s and Michael Sheen did a wonderful job portraying another favorite of mine, David Frost.

I remember watching all of Watergate (of course I was a toddler at the time) and the ultimate impeachment of Richard Nixon and I never felt any pity for the man at all.

The fact that this was a true story behind the real Frost/Nixon interviews made it even more compelling. David Frost never a man without a good sense of self knew that this could be a huge story and perhaps the changing of his career from humorous talk show host in England and Australia/ bon vivant to a serious and important journalistic icon by trying to get answered the real questions on Americans minds about Richard M. Nixon.

Many Americans felt bewildered at the audacity of Watergate, the denial of any wrongdoing by the then President and his subsequent pardon by Lyndon B. Johnson. How could a crime of this magnitude simply be pardoned with not so much as a censure or slap on the wrist?

David Frost set out to find out and find out he did. This film was particularly interesting as it pitted two highly intellectual and articulate men against each other in a battle virtually to the death. Only one man could come out the winner, as it were, as a result of these 36 hours of interviews over three days.

I am not going to give away the ending for those who did not watch the original interviews or have yet to see the film but I will say that my opinion of Nixon was dramatically altered.

I give this production two thumbs up.

Judy Wallis

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