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I always like to blog about upbeat things to share with people about the joys of Mexico and once you have read this blog I am sure you will grasp the upbeat message of the joys of fumigation.

In Canada we have a lot of bugs that are most annoying but never had I ever had to resort to fumigating our house or garden. It is a little different here and it is very important to fumigate your property on a regular basis. This regularity depends on the product you use. I use Cynoff which is safe for animals and can be purchased at Jara Ferreteria beside Telmex across from Plaza Bugambilias in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

We use this product diluted with water in a bomba (pump) that our gardener sprays around the house and garden once every 6 weeks.

There are, of course, people you can hire to come out to your property and fumigate but we have been very happy with this product. It takes 2 envelopes to cover our house and garden and they cost approx. $50.00 pesos per envelope.

I am happy to report that we have had only 1 scorpion in this house in 13 years.

Scorpions and Black Widows are largely why we do fumigate. Black Widows spiders are found for the most part in your garden or wood piles and any corners for that matter. The males are jet black with a red dot on their backs and the female are jet black with a yellow dot on their backs. You will have no doubt if you see a Black Widow spider you will know it for sure.

We also have seasonal flying ants and other assorted insects but surprisingly very few mosquitoes which is why we can eat outside all year long. This is something you cannot do in Canada even in the limited fine weather.

I suggest that you do fumigate regularly and you will enjoy a bug free atmosphere. I usually go out for an hour while the gardener is fumigating and made sure the dog’s food and water is put away until after the procedure.

You will have more of a problem if you live beside an empty lot or field. Therefore, once every 6 weeks may not be enough for you. Talk to your gardener and he will be able to suggest what is the best plan for you.

I am happy we now have products such as Cynoff. When we were first here we would have to go to the tiangis (Wednesday market beside Salvador’s Restaurant in Plaza Bugambilias) and purchase a chalk that you would put across your doorways which allegedly would keep out the scorpions. Things have definitely changed for the better.

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