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Fumigation in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Since we have been here we have used a product called Cynoff which is not toxic to animals.  We use it for the garden and house about every 5 weeks.

Recently, we had an infestation in the kitchen of tiny cucarachas that Cynoff did not seem to take care of.

We had heard good things about Fumitech so decided to call them in.  They came very quickly and sprayed the kitchen from stem to stern as the expression goes.  We had to strip out everything from the cupboards and drawers which was a major drag but well worth the results.

Then they came a second time to respray and finally two applications of gel finished the job.

They were very neat and tidy and spoke English and were a pleasure to deal with.

We are now bug free in the kitchen and thrilled with the results.

Carmen is the boss and can be reached at 333 369 3737 or you can leave a message at the Waffle House at (376) 766 1946.

He son Luis is the one that comes to you house to assess the problem and give you an estimate which we found very reasonable.

We still use Cynoff and it can be purchased at Jara or Struper ferreterias (hardware stores).

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