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Furry Friends

Most of us have pets and some of us are lucky enough to have pets like labs that do not need clipping, and snipping to keep them looking great

Our first two dogs here had the decency to require no extra grooming but when we got our miniature Schnauzer she grew fur very rapidly and could not see so we realized that something was going to have to be done about her.

Fortunately, she had a wonderful temperament and would allow anyone to clip her which took about an hour. She would like on her back paws up and then turn over for you to do her back and sides. What a peach and what an easy job.

Nail clipping was still a challenge and, although we did have a selection of professional nail clippers all our dogs would run screaming out of the room when said clippers were produced. Then we got a beautiful golden lab and she requires no special grooming. Recently, we have acquired a little boy cockapoo who, like our little Schnauzer, grows not fur but wool and needs regular clipping, snipping, paring and combing

When we first tried to trim her ourselves he made it abundantly clear this was not on. We progressed, armed with Cesar Millan’s calm assertive energy, and were able to complete the task in three or four tries and sometimes over several days.

We then decided it would be better for all parties if he was professionally groomed which would be a lot less stressful thus limiting the bloodshed (ours).

Our friend, Geoffrey Kaye, who owns the Animal Shelter, told us the best groomers lakeside were “Furry Friends” in Mirasol. We listened to him as the Animal Shelter provides grooming services so this was indeed quite the endorsement.

We made the call to 765-5431 to make an appointment for our cockapoo to be snipped, clipped, bathed and combed.

Furry Friends is run by a young English speaking Mexican couple who work out of their home and they are terrific with animals and do an outstanding job. They will clip your dog into whatever shape you require and also do ears and nails for $160.00 pesos.

Appointments are necessary as they are always busy which, to me, is always a very good sign.

Furry Friends also offer boarding and from all accounts the animals are extremely well-looked after.

We just picked up our cockapoo this morning and he looks wonderful and is clean as a whistle.

Out of our 5 dogs we have had since we moved to Ajijic, Lake Chapala in 1994, 4 of them were street dogs which have given us unconditional love and been a joy and delight and are truly family members.

Also my husband is fond of saying that the best house security system is a barking dog. I am sure the Animal Shelter across from Arden’s on the carretera would be more than happy to find the right animal for you. Tell Geoffrey we sent you.

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