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Gelato Ice Cream in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Gelato in Chapala

Good ice cream has always been a challenge in Ajjic, Lake Chapala.

When we were first here 15 years there was a little ice cream parlor on the Plaza in Ajijic.

It is still there and the ice cream is good but not what some of us were used to in our previous lives.

Then we have 2 Bing outlets here, one on the Plaza in Ajijic an another one near the malecon in Chapala.. They do a very interesting selection of custom built sundaes.

Of course, the supermarkets and Wal-mart sell an assortment of brands including Haagen Dazs if you are willing to float a loan to buy it.

Bordens is usually a safe bet but often the cream is on the top and the fat is on the bottom. Not the most ideal situation.

Hollanda is an acceptable local brand and I recommend the Coco.

Now we have real Italian gelato in Chapala and according to all sources it is truly delicious.

The name of the outlet is Romeo y Julieta di Angelo Sevaroli. It is located on Ramon Corona 8A in Chapala Col. Centro near the malecon.

Some of the flavors of the gelato are: chocolate, vanilla, oreo cookie, strawberry, forest fruits, blackberry, mango, lime, coffee, cocoanut and a wonderful concoction called straccialfigdfg (sp.) and too many more to name is this limited space.

A wonderful little outing is to go and buy your favorite flavor and take a walk down the newly renovated malecon which is the strip overlooking Lake Chapala. You can just watch the sun bounce off the lake and mountains or browse the many booths selling various and interesting things from clothes to local artwork.

I think you will both enjoy your gelato and the malecon immensely.

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