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Gloriosa Salon

There is a new concept hair salon in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

This morning I received a message from our daughter saying she had an appointment to get her hair cut and would be in to the office as soon as possible.

This, in itself, surprised me as our daughter does not like going to the hairdresser and trusts no one with her hair. I sent her a message later this morning gingerly asking her how she liked her hair.

You can imagine my surprise when she replied that it was fabulous. She went on to say she had a wonderful treatment to fix damaged hair and split ends and her hair was now silky soft and because of this wonderful treatment they did not need to cut off too much.

She and said the salon was very nice and clean and she really like the owner and head stylist, Jim Coolidge.

Evidently Jim had owned a very successful salon in Hawaii for many years and offers hair design for men and women.

Gloriosa is located in the Plaza Interlago 132 #13 behind the Pemex gas station on the Libramiento. The phone # for appointment is (376) 766-3372 and you can email Jim at:

I have not yet seen our daughter’s hair but based on her being so happy it is a very high recommendation indeed for Gloriosa.

Also while she was there she saw one of our friends who is very particular about her hair which I take as another endorsement.

Although women can become very loyal to our own hairdressers it is not unusual for us to need a change from time to time. I will try Gloriosa and Jim and see if he makes me any happier than I currently am at my regular salon.

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