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Golf and Tennis

First  a couple of housekeeping additions and one correction:

Two of the many reasons the Pizza is so good at Hosteria del Arte is Italian flour and the authentic brick pizza oven which I neglected to mention in my blog about this fabulous pizza Friday, May 23rd, 2014.

The correction is the address of the DIF office in Chapala.  The address is Degollada # 327 not Dellogada.  In my defense I did get it right in my previous blog about the DIF discount card which is good for drug purchases at Walmart and other pharmacies in Jalisco.

Now that aside on to Golf and Tennis.  Yesterday the French Open at Roland Garros in Paris started  Sunday, May 25th. To me this is a wonderful tournament full of lots of drama and great tennis.  Of course, I am hoping Rafael Nadal of Spain, who turns 28 during this tournament, will win his unheard of 9th title as the French Open champion and clay court king.  One of his opponents to rival this occurance was taken out today by another Spaniard, Guillermo Garcia-Lopez and that was Stan Warwinka from Switzerland.

However, there are others to challenge Nadal for the crown and that would be Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic to name two.

The finals are June 7th and 8th.

Then we have the US Open Golf to amuse us from Pinehurst Resort and Country Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina from June 9th to June 22nd.  There is lots of speculation as to who will be actually playing in this tournament.  Tiger Woods is still a question and Phil Mickelson may also be out because of health issues.

June 23rd to July 6th is the tennis tournament of all tennis tournemants and that, of course, is Wimbledon, played in Wimbledon just outside of London, England.  My father used to go as often as possible to this, his favorite, tennis tournament and one year he took all of us with him and it was fabulous.  I particulatly enjoyed the fabled strawberries and cream.  It is a lovely formal tennis event enjoyed around the world for its history, pomp and ceremony.

It is wonderful watching these amazing golf and tennis tournaments on TV but what is also terrific is that, here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala we can play golf and tennis for real all year round. You can Google golf or tennis in Ajijic/Guadalajara to find out all the places that are available for you to enjoy these two outdoor sports.

Our climate is such that outdoor living is a year long proposition and even during the rainy season which is quickly approaching as it usually only rains durng the night and is bright and sunny during the daytime.

This is a very exciting time of year for those of us who enjoy watching the major golf and tennis tournaments on TV.

Also we have hockey, baseball and basketball in full swing.

I hope your team and/or favorite player win.

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