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Gracias a Dios – Lluvia! Thank God – The Rainy Season!

The rainy season starts June 15 which was yesterday and, sure enough, we had a lovely thunderstorm right on cue. We are supposed  to have another thunder storm tonight and it is also going to rain every day this week according to the Ajijic, Jalisco weather forecast.

As usual, it has been a little warm these past couple of weeks but we have been lucky to have some El Nino rains.  Now that the “real” rainy season is here we are hopeful the temperatures will lower.

This is the best season of the year here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and along with the beautiful, dramatic storms the temperatures will get back to normal soon.

If this is your first rainy season you will experience rains and thunderstorms like you have never seen.  Torrential rain going sideways and thunder lounder than you have every heard before are commonplance.

If you are lucky enough to have a view of the lake you can watch the ribbons of lightening start at one end of the lake and travel to the other.

Just a note – your animals do not love the thunder so please be careful when you are out to make sure they are securely in the house as they will try to jump fences.

Your flowers and plants will love the rains and the grass and mountains will grow steadily greener and the smells of the flowers after the rain is magnificent.

Hopefully, you have had your roofs checked and they are properly sealed for the rainy season.

The rains traditional last until October 15th and we are hoping we have a wonderful rainy season which will fill up our wonderful Lake Chapala to capacity.

For the most part it only rains at night and days are still warm and sunny so we can continue to enjoy all our beloved outdoor living.

I would suggest you might wish to buy an umbrella as the rains usually come on with little or no warning.

Enjoy the next 4 months as it is spectacular.

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