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Habemus Papam

Today we are watching history. We watched history when Pope Benedict XVI resigned a few weeks ago which was the first time in almost 600 years that a Pope had resigned and we are watching history when on the 4th vote, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina was elected the new Pope.

The new Pope has taken the name of Francis I or Francesco and was born December 17th, 1936.

Pope Francis is now speaking to the world from the balcony at the Vatican to hundreds of thousands of people standing for hours in the pouring rain and to people all around the world. Not only Catholics are watching this unfold but many people from other religions are watching too.

The new Pope specializes in pastoral work which is an important skill as a Pope. Pope Francis first blessed Pope Benedict XVI and then many other blessings were offered and asked for.

Pope Francis is the first South American Pope ever and the first South American Pope since the first Pope Peter who had immigrated to Europe.

Pope Francis has a kind and humble face and has lived a very simple life in Buenos Aires even preparing his own meals. He has a wonderfully warm smile and wants you to bless him.

It is believed that this Pope will unite the Roman Catholic Church and there has never been a whiff of scandal around this man or in Argentina.

Before this Pope chose to speak he chose to be silent.

Also the choice of the name of Francis is unheard of for a new Pope who is now named for St. Francis of Assisi the most beloved saint in history who was a truly humble man.

I am not Catholic but am thoroughly enjoying this piece of history and very happy that a South American Pope has been chosen which is wonderful for all of Latin America.

Pope Francis has a wonderful way about him and I am very hopeful he will be excellent for the Catholic Church.

All Catholics were very happy that the new Pope Francis has asked the faithful to pray for him.

This is a wonderful moment and as it turns out he was runner up to Pope Benedict XVI 6 years ago.

It would appear that Pope Francis is a forward thinking, intelligent and very charismatic Pontiff and is also the first Jesuit Pope.

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