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Happy New Year (Feliz Ano Nuevo) 2018 in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Well we are all back to normal but, for us, it has been less than normal.

Our Shaw receiver was not working so I could not hook up our new Netflix.  The microwave was not working, the vacuum cleaner was not working and I am still waiting for over 7 weeks for two new nightgowns being made for me.

Trying to get a white 100% cotton nightgown is not easy here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

We called Michael Merryman (Ajijic Electronics 766-1117) and his men came immediately and fixed the problem before I finished telling them what was wrong.  I was then able, with the help of our son) to get our new Netflix connected and on line.  Last year when he gave us the Chromecast attachment for our TV he said it was like “giving a penguin a fax machine”.  We are trying very hard to rid ourselves of this unfortunate analogy.

I tried the microswave again and it would appear that perhaps an electrical brown out in that area of the house caused the temporary problem.  You might want to check this possibility before you call for help.

Our handyman Richardo Anguiano (Cell 045 331 786 7313) came on a Saturday and fixed our vacuum which is now working fine.  Gracias a Dios.

This morning my Bancomer debit card did not work  twice at a store.  I checked the expiry date which was fine and knew there was plenty of pesos in my account which I confirmed on line.

After phone calls (4) to the bank  (376) 766-2154), phone calls (2) to the Call Center  (01 800 112 2999 x 2)and 1 phone call to the Customer Service Center (01 555 002 3539)  we identified the possible problems.

It would appear that my “token” is out of date.  This is a device that helps you sign into your account online.  Evidently, I was notified of this in December 2016 by email.  Having searched my email history I could find no such email.  Secondly, I should try my debit card at another store and if the same decline occurs I should go to the branch and get a new debit card as their may be damage to the CHIP.

Albeit none of these issues are life-threatening just annoying.

For the record I still do not have my new white cotton nightgowns but never fear I will prevail until they are hanging in my closet.

I hope 2018 is a wonderful, happy, healthy and trouble-free year for you all.

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