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Happy New Year/Feliz Navidad – Welcome to 2016

The festivities that we all had been looking forward to are over and slowly we all will return to normal.

Resolutions have been made and will be staunchly followed for about a month.

Putting up Christmas decorations is wonderful as we are in anticipation of family and friends arriving to share the holidays with us.  Our tree which was magnificent is now hugging the floor it’s branches are severely drooping.

Assorted decorations are now using up valuable space and, frankly, I am looking forward to putting everything away for another year on January 6th, Three Kings Day which is the tradition as it is the 12th day of Christmas.

After three family Christmas dinners have been enjoyed and all presents and stockings have been opened.

We even had a Santa Claus pinata for our 4 year old grandson yesterday.

All manner of wonderful food has been been devoured and many games have been played.  New Year’ Eve has been rung in and many kisses and hugs with friends and family have been exchanged.  Most guests from the frozen north have safely arrived back home with a minimum of articles left behind.

Speaking for myself, I am exhausted but extremely happy at the lovely Christmas and New Year’s we have enjoyed.

I am sure in two or three months I will have recovered and be almost back to normal and it would appear that most of our friends feel the same and are also pooped.  Happy but pooped.

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