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Happy Thanksgiving

Today, November 24th is American Thanksgiving Day and I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I think this is always a good time to count ones blessings and remember all the things we have, in fact, to be thankful for.

We have so much to be thankful for. Our son and his fiancé are returning home next week having been in Dubai and Thailand for over 15 months. Our very good friend is returning for 5 months. My daughter’s boyfriend will be home for Christmas. We will have our first Christmas with our 7 month old grandson and we are all healthy. We are thankful that we have been able to live in our paradise of Ajijic, Lake Chapala for over 17 years and we are thankful our business, in these challenging times, is flourishing.

We are thankful our best friends are here for Thanksgiving and will be returning for Christmas and that we were able to retrieve their lost luggage.

We are thankful that we will have a lovely family Christmas with everyone together.

I think what we are all most thankful for having my husband’s mother in our lives. Patricia Collins is a most extraordinary woman of whom we are all so very proud. She is the best mother, the best mother-in-law and best grandmother our family could ask for. She has looked after others for most of her life and is beloved and appreciated by scores of people not just family. She has a generous, nurturing and loving heart and has the ability to make you feel like you are the only person of importance on the face of the earth.

Pat’s five children are with her right now in Toronto as she is not doing too well and has been battling a series of ailments for a long time.

We all feel very lucky and thankful for this amazing woman and will remember her always with great warmth, appreciation and love.

If you would like to see more about Patricia Collins we would like to invite you to go to: Combat camerawoman: Prime time: Sun New Video Gallery

We are all so thankful for Mom/Pat/Nanny – the greatest lady the world has ever known.

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