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Hernandez Garage

A couple of nights ago I was going to meet a client and my car conked out before I was able to pull onto the carretera (highway). It did make noises as it wanted to start but would not turn over.

I locked and walked briskly to Roberto’s Llantero beside Superlake as it was past 6:00 pm their closing time. Luckily Beto was there and he drove me to my car and ascertained the problem was two loose connections to the battery. He temporarily fixed the connections and the car started. I gave him $50.00 pesos and went on my way. Miraculously, I was five minutes early for my meeting I was a little concerned as I at the far west end of the village in the dark and was hoping my car would, in fact, start as Beto had promised it would.

I went to see Beto the next day for a more permanent solution and he said the best bet was to solder the loose connections which his brother around the corner could do for me.

I did my shopping at Superlake and proceeded to his brother’s place around the corner on San Jose 243A in San Antonio Tlayacapan. Cell phone # for Jaime is 333 137 5977 or 331 044 8052.

Jaime was not there but other brother Oscar was who speaks fluent English. Clearly, this is a family affair. I explained the problem and he drove me home waited while I emptied out the groceries and said he would bring it back in a couple of hours or sooner all fixed.

Around 12:30 I was a little nervous as they close on Saturdays at 1:30 pm but Oscar was at that moment at my door with the fixed car battery firmly in place and connections intact.

The cost was $200.00 pesos and I must admit I certainly appreciate the Servicio a Domilicio.

Hernandez Garage specializes in:

Suspensions, brakes, electrical repair, repair and sales of alternators, lights in general, sales of batteries, shock absorbers, repair and sales of transmissions, finishing and diagnostics.

I was very happy and fortunate to get my car fixed so efficiently and so reasonably with little effort on my part.

I have used Jaime Hernandez before always with happy results and I was equally happy with brother Oscar who is located right across the street from Jaime.

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