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Holiday Foods

When we arrived in Ajijic, Lake Chapala over 19 years ago shopping was, at best, a hit and miss proposition.

Over the years things have certainly changed for the better and now we can usually complete 80% of our list on any given day.

The main stores we shop at, however, seem to not grasp the concept that if something sells well order more of it.  Instead often they run out of things at the most inopportune times.

Last year we left it a tad late and could not find anywhere a whole beef tenderloin to make Beef Wellington for Christmas Eve.  Kim Everest of Number FOUR Restaurant came to our rescue and managed to find one for us under the pork tenderloins at Costco.  It was jolly expensive but well worth the price as it was delicious and very tender. We got it the day before Christmas Eve. It was, indeed, a Christmas miracle.

This year I decided to get a jump on things and already have our whole beef tenderloin (from Walmart), an authentic Butterball turkey from Superlake, a pork tenderloin from Tony’s Meat Market (next to Superlake) for my husband to make Canadian Bacon and I have ordered our pork shoulder to make pulled pork and the Prime Rib roast for our son’s birthday.

At least now the main meat is in the house or ordered so it is just a question of side dishes etc.

Walmart already have Christmas trees and Superlake is starting to get theirs.  I prefer getting our tree at Superlake as they deliver it to you and put it wherever you want it on the stand.  Walmart, however, does still have an excellent selection of lights and decorations.

Some of the gift shopping has already been done but, naturally, more is still to be bought.

Christmas can be a very stressful time of year but I find the best way of relieving the stress is to be as organized as you can be with the resources we have available here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

The main thing is to get your meat early.  I remember a couple of weeks ago seeing a stack of whole beef tenderloins at Walmart and then I remembered what happened last year.  I scrambled to Walmart and got one of the last three and this was still November!

For lamb go to the Monday Market at Hole-in-One and find the lamb lady.  You still have time for her to get whatever you might need for the holidays.

For chicken and all other poultry (turkeys – smoked and fresh, ducks etc.) your best bet is Puritan Poultry on the carretera on the way to Chapala across from the yellow animal shelter.  You can call the owner, Joe at 765-4399 to order whatever you might need.

Superlake also has turkeys and ducks.

So get organized and have a relaxing holiday season with friends and family.

Buen Provecho!

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