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Home Sweet Home – From Ajijic, Lake Chapla, Mexico

Home Sweet Home - Lake Chapala, Mexico

Sometimes we forget that we are lucky enough to live in paradise. After returning from 2 weeks in my native Canada it struck me once again how much I love living in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. Our flight from Toronto to Dallas was without incident but our flight from Dallas to Guadalajara was delayed for three hours and I thought we would not be able to get home at all that night. I quickly made friends with our pilot who was worried about thunder storms in Dallas and Guadalajara but eventually he felt it was safe to take off and we arrived at 1:00 am but arrived nonetheless.

The wonderful smells were what hit me first as we exited the Guadalajara Airport (with all of out luggage which was a miracle). It was pitch black on the ride to Ajijic, Lake Chapala but I could envision when we first would see Lake Chapala and the wonderful feeling it always gives me knowing that I am home.

The house was brightly lit up and our dogs were thrilled to see us very nearly knocking me over in their excitement.

We had had a lovely time with friends and relatives in Canada and the weather was perfect. This was most unusual for Toronto and we were very grateful. Every day I would think of Ajijic, Lake Chapala and how much I missed my life here. I missed the flowers and birds, my daily shopping excursions, my friends, and the relaxed pace of life.

Things are much more hectic up north and we seemed to spend a lot of time in the car getting from A to B. It seemed everything we wanted to do was at the other end of the city and you had a very small window to travel as the rush hour traffic certainly has not lessened in 15 years.

Everyone was rushing around madly with a very glum look on their faces not seeming to take any joy from life. I thought of how much I have enjoyed every minute of every day since moving to Ajijic, Lake Chapala in 1994 and longed to return to my happy life here.