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Hospitals in Guadalajara

It is nice to know that there are many good hospitals in Guadalajara which is about 45 minutes from Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Our daughter had her baby in Hospital Hispana which is associated with the U de G or University de Guadalajara.

It is a relatively small hospital but very clean with a very nice, efficient staff that looked after out daughter beautifully.

She had her baby girl Saturday morning and was home on Monday.  Hospitals here always make the guests and family members very comfortable.

There is sort of an anteroom outside the actual hospital room where guests and family members can come and have refreshments during their visit.  Mexicans are a very social people and come and bring their knitting and stay for hours.

There is lots of picture taking and visiting going on and it is surprisig the new parents get any rest at all.

Once they are home the visiting continues and everyone brings food and gifts.

This is their second child as they have a 5 year old son and now the addition of a beautiful, perfect baby girl is a delight for all.  She is the first grandaughter to many of the fmaily members and, therefore, very special.

Her new brother is very happy about her coming into their lives and had a chance to get used to babies as his little girl cousin was born over 3 months ago.  At the hospital he was given a shirt saying “I am the brother” which he loved.

Our grandson is very sweet and gentle with his new cousin and now new baby sister and I think he will be a great help to his mom.

I said to my husband “Did you ever think we would have grandchildren?” He replied “I did just not in bunches”.

We could not be happier with our 3 grandchildren and feel very lucky we all live in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

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